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Figure 1. Example Phase Shifts - This figure represents examples of normal, advanced, and delayed phase shifts, observed through salivary melatonin analysis.

What is the Biology of Sleep?

Melatonin levels testing enables sleep medicine providers to index an individual’s circadian rhythm (biological clock) thorough sampling protocols, such as Dim Light Melatonin Onset (DLMO). Circadian Phase Assessments can be performed at-home or in-clinic to evaluate circadian rhythm alignment, phase duration, and melatonin secretion patterns (enabling the screening for hypermelatoninemia or hypomelatoninemia). Assessments also facilitate the evaluation of pharmaceutical interventions or sleep supplements in order to appropriate targeted timing of treatments or medication dosages. While many sleep disorders are not circadian in nature, routine sleep disruptions, therapeutics, and habitual behaviors can modulate the circadian rhythm over time. Screening patients early provides an opportunity to identify areas of concern that may need to be addressed while providing treatment for both circadian and non-circadian based sleep disturbances.

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How to Become a Provider?

Step 1: Request a Provider ID Code

Request your unique (3 character) Provider Referral ID#. You can provide this ID# to patients with your referral to automatically receive a copy of all patient test results. If you don’t want a copy of your patients results, you can skip this step and simply start referring patients directly.

Step 2: Refer Patients or Order Test Kits

To refer patients, simply provide a link directly to the assessment required through a patient portal, or print this referral form and provide it during an office visit. You can also refer patients directly to and Salimetrics will handle payment processing and ship collection kits directly to your patients, OR you can set up an affiliate account to order Circadian Phase Collection Kits through your practice, just ask us for details.

Step 3: Get Results

After patients successfully complete their sample collection and ship samples back to Salimetrics CLIA-Certified Laboratory, you will automatically receive a copy of your patient results (if your Provider Referral ID# was used), or receive results directly, if you have provided the Collection Kits through your practice. You can review an example of a real 7-sample circadian phase assessment for DLMO below.

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