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Melatonin Levels Test – At-Home Sleep Study

Know Your Profile.

Is your circadian rhythm normal,
delayed, advanced, or irregular?

Who Should Perform a Melatonin Levels Test?

A melatonin test or circadian phase assessment is ideal for individuals who have one or more of the following:

  • Chronic sleep disruptions that have lasted for 14 days or longer
  • An interest in starting a melatonin supplement or sleep aid
  • Sleep-wake disruptions after starting a new medication or sleep routine
  • Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or staying awake during the day
  • A consistently irregular or non-24 hour sleep-wake cycle
  • Inconsistent results with bright light or behavioral sleep therapy

Note: While any chronic sleep disruption can impact the circadian rhythm, this assessment is generally not ideal for evaluating non-circadian sleep disorders, such as: sleep apnea, sleepwalking, sleep paralysis, night terrors, nocturnal panic attacks, limb movement disorders, or certain types of seizures and epilepsy.

How Does At-Home Melatonin Testing Work?

Step 1

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Collect Saliva Samples in Dim Light

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Discuss Results with Your Sleep Health Provider

What Does a Circadian Rhythm Test Measure?

This at-home sleep study measures melatonin to profile your actual circadian rhythm function and timing. Results can be used to evaluate your actual circadian rhythm alignment/length, or determine if there is any disruption to melatonin synthesis, secretion, metabolism, and clearance, resulting in abnormal melatonin levels over time. This information can then be used in tandem with a sleep health professional to uncover potential issues or aid in treatments that can significantly improve your sleep-wake cycle at a biological level. Learn more about melatonin levels testing below.

What Assessment Do I Need?

It is important to know some basic information about your sleep-wake cycle to help select the appropriate assessment. If you were advised to obtain a recommendation from the Biology of Sleep team or are working on your own initiative to better understand your biology, you can take the 5-question Biology of Sleep Survey below for a recommendation or Ask an Expert to request an assessment recommendation directly.

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