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Circadian Phase Assessment Overview


The Circadian Phase Assessment saliva collection kit arrives with everything patients need to collect, handle, and transport saliva back to the Salimetrics CLIA-Certified Saliva Laboratory using the most robust collection, shipping and handling protocol available for analyzing salivary melatonin samples for circadian rhythm profiling. There are no shipping costs or additional materials required.

Patients can order the kit themselves, receive the kit from your practice, or have kits sent direct-to-patient on your behalf, depending on your preference. Once the collection kit is received patients are ready to complete the test.

Test Overview

These are the critical instructions patients need to follow in order to complete the test:

  1. Freeze the flask upon arrival
  2. Collect 7 or 9 small saliva samples over timed intervals, in a consistent, dim light environment
  3. Freeze samples in the flask after each collection
  4. Return the flask to the Salimetrics Clinical Laboratory for processing

Sample Collection Kit Component Overview

Sample Collection Instructions

The standard collection kit features highly detailed and robust sample collection instructions ensure that your patient’s samples are collected and stored according to the highest quality standards. Each assessment includes a standardized sample collection protocol, and also an option for custom scheduling so that you can fine-tune the collection protocol for complex cases. This provides flexibility when you would like to adjust the timing of your patient’s sample collection.

*9-Sample DLMO collection kit is only provided with an open sample collection schedule, to allow you the most flexibility in sample collection timing, whether you are capturing DLMO specifically or a diurnal melatonin profile.


Melatonin Sampling Form

The sampling form provides patients a space to log medications, supplements, and sample collection times, so that the melatonin profiles can be reliably calculated over time.


Sample Collection Devices

Each kit comes complete with SalivaBio’s gold-standard passive drool collection system, including Saliva Collection Aids and SalivaBio cryovials. This system has been validated by Salimetrics to provide the highest-quality passive drool samples without interference to endogenous melatonin levels and has been utilized by millions of participants in research studies worldwide.


Sample Shipping Flask and Refrigerant

Salimetrics tried-and-tested, no hassle, sample flask and refrigerant combination provides samples up to 3 full days of cooling power to keep samples stable during transit to the Salimetrics CLIA-Certified Saliva Laboratory. Freezing the whole flask in a standard household freezer and it’s ready to go.


Pre-Paid, Pre-Labeled Return Shipping Box

Everything your patient needs to safely ship samples back to the Salimetrics CLIA-Certified Saliva Laboratory, including sealing flask label, tape, and absorbent padding. Patients can simply drop off samples at the nearest FedEx pickup location.

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