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24-HR Circadian Rhythm Test (Circadian Phase Map), 9-Sample


*Currently Unavailable in New York State*

A 24-Hour Melatonin Circadian Phase Map, measured in saliva, maps the biological night, a state of entirely different physiology from the wake state. A full 24-hour Circadian Phase Map can provide useful physiologic information to help assess an individual’s biological night in relation to circadian timing and sleep function for complex issues where an individual may be suffering from multiple sleep disruptions or non-24-hour sleep-wake rhythm disorders. A circadian rhythm disorder is generally present when the relationship between the timing and duration of sleep and the circadian rhythm is significantly altered. Thus, the “biological night” can be too long, too short, unstable (varying with time), or misaligned – all of which can cause clinical symptoms and are also targets for treatment.

This Circadian Phase Assessment Kit offers an all-inclusive, easy and accurate way to measure your circadian phase through salivary melatonin testing in the convenience of your own home or at a sleep facility, without the need for a blood draw or overnight polysomnography. For a full phase map, you will collect 9 timed saliva samples over one day. Once samples are self-collected, freeze and send samples to Salimetrics’ CLIA-Certified testing facility using the pre-paid return shipper. Results are reported directly to your sleep specialist (if provided) and you through a secure, HIPAA compliant results portal within 7-14 business days. Results can then be used as valuable insight towards treatment for a better night’s sleep.

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In humans and other mammals, the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) of the hypothalamus controls a “master clock” that aligns the internal circadian clock to a 24-hour light–dark cycle. This cycle controls the production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep in healthy individuals. A healthy individual is generally entrained to a sleep-wake cycle which repeats around every 24.2 hours but can vary between 23.8 to 27.1 hours. Although Melatonin is only one of many changes throughout an individual’s 24-hr circadian cycle, it is readily measured in saliva. In a healthy 24-hour circadian cycle, Melatonin production drops significantly after awakening and stays low during daylight hours, while gradually rising after sunset when the body increases sleep propensity (typically about 2 hours before a person’s natural sleep onset or bedtime).

Why Saliva-Based Sleep Assessment from Salimetrics?

  • Convenient, All-Inclusive, and Easy to Use Sampling Kit with Cold Chain Managed, Round-Trip Shipping
  • Most Reliable, Biologically Accurate, Evidence-Based Assessment of Circadian Rhythm Available
  • Supported by Researchers and Clinicians
  • 9 Sample Sleep Study Screens for Most Sleep-Related Disorders
  • Performance Validated
  • Safe for All Ages, Including Children and Elderly
  • Flexible, At-Home, or In-Sleep Center Collection Protocol

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