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Sleep and Stress Test


*Currently Unavailable in New York State*

Includes both Melatonin and Cortisol testing for all samples – Select from 4 different assessment profile options.

In normal individuals, melatonin generally remains low after waking and rises to peak levels around bedtime, while cortisol generally follows an inverse pattern where it rises sharply after waking and gradually falls to very low levels at bedtime. If cortisol is abnormally high at bedtime, an individual will experience waking or aroused physiology when trying to initiate sleep. In cases where melatonin is low and cortisol is elevated around bedtime, this may be cause for concern regarding an individual’s sleep hygiene or stress management capacity. Understanding the cortisol/melatonin relationship and measuring levels of each enables providers to help mitigate conditions or behaviors that may be impeding restorative sleep.

Salimetrics Circadian Phase Assessment Kit + Stress offers an all-inclusive, easy and accurate way to measure your circadian phase through salivary melatonin and cortisol testing in the convenience of your own home. This test simply requires the collection of 7 or 9 timed saliva samples according to the profile chosen. Once samples are self-collected, freeze and return samples using the pre-paid return shipper to Salimetrics’ CLIA-Certified testing facility. Results are reported directly to your sleep specialist (if provided) and you through a secure, HIPAA compliant results portal within 7-14 business days. Results can then be used as the next step towards treatment for a better night’s sleep.

*Free Standard Shipping (Continental US)*

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The National Institutes of Health estimates that 50 to 70 million Americans have chronic sleep disorders and intermittent sleep problems. Likewise, a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation indicates that 70% of Americans say they have frequent sleep problems. Due to costly, unpleasant testing procedures, most sleep problems remain undiagnosed and untreated in the US. However, this DLMO test can help. When properly diagnosed and treated, sleep specialists estimate that 85-90% of their patients get better sleep.

Why Saliva-Based Sleep and Stress Test from Salimetrics?

  • Convenient, All-Inclusive, and Easy to Use Sampling Kit with Cold Chain Managed, Round-Trip Shipping
  • Most Reliable, Biologically Accurate, Evidence-Based Assessment of Circadian Rhythm Available
  • Highly Published in Scientific Literature
  • Supported by Researchers and Clinicians
  • 4 Flexible Assessments Screens for Most Sleep-Related Disorders
  • Performance Validated Through Multi-Level Internal Testing Routine
  • Safe for All Ages, Including Children (+3) and Elderly
  • Easy, At-Home, or In-Office Collection Protocol

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Sleep + Stress

24-HR Phase Map, 9-Sample +Cortisol, OFFset, 7-Sample +Cortisol, ONset, 7-Sample +Cortisol, ONset, 9-Sample +Cortisol

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