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+ Stress Add-On (7-Sample)



This add-on is performed at the laboratory during samples analysis and does not require any changes on your part during sample collection. This add-on enables you to conveniently assess salivary cortisol in conjunction with your 7-Sample melatonin assessment to determine if stress or disruptions to your HPA-Axis may significantly be impacting your sleep-wake cycle.

The + Stress add-on offers an all-inclusive, easy and accurate way to obtain a multi-system view of your circadian rhythm with your salivary melatonin test in the convenience of your own home. In normal individuals, melatonin generally remains low after waking and rises to peak levels around bedtime, while cortisol generally follows an inverse pattern where it rises sharply after waking and gradually falls to very low levels at bedtime. If cortisol is abnormally high at bedtime, an individual will experience waking or aroused physiology when trying to initiate sleep. In cases where melatonin is low and cortisol is elevated around bedtime, this may be cause for concern regarding an individual’s sleep hygiene or stress management capacity. Understanding the cortisol/melatonin relationship and measuring levels of each enables providers to help mitigate conditions or behaviors that may be impeding restorative sleep.

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